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Why Y-Gen?

About us

Y-Generation Consulting Pty. Ltd. was founded in mid-2015 to create a consultancy service with the intent on effective outcomes for those who value alternative thinking, listening with intent and creating through ingenuity.

We believe, old problems can be solved through experienced thinking and new problems by alternative thinking. These problems all have people at the core. They require a human-centred, creative and practical approach to finding the best ideas and ultimate solutions.

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We are expert on the field of Business Development, Management & Organization, Quality & Process Management, Information Technology.


We have new style and new way of thinking on the Australian market which can gain you competitive edge.


The focus is on the customer. We personalize the methods and working styles according to your needs and goals.

Let us unlock your inside motivation and alternative thinking about your business! Working with us is simple, flexible & generating value.

Don’t just do your work, make it remarkable, valuable and meaningful! In this fast-changing time you have to be up-to-date. Are you? Have your first consulting with us and get to know the opportunities.